Who We Are // Defining Actions

since 2006
A Kansas City Tree Care Service

Built around a Midwest Tree Climbing Champion

Who We Are

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.

Training Trees LLC

We are a family owned tree care company built around a 2 time Midwest Tree Climbing Champion and a gravity defying work ethic. We also carry an appreciation for fun coupled with safety practices at the pinnacle of the industry.

Our ability's will astonish you. With our balanced approach, we will deliver solid decisions that will promote years of health to your trees.

Tree Climbing Arborists

Our Certified Arborist # MW-4635-A

Separate from being Certified Arborist we are "Advanced Tree Climbers" current with the latest techniques in high angle climbing and rescue scenarios.

Our (ISA) Certified Arborists guarantee quality finish cuts and superb control of our work environment.

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Megan & Brandon Shields

As owners who thrive in the outdoors, we've made a wonderful life together. Hailing from Kansas and Florida to Missouri, we landed just north of the river in Kansas City MO.

"Having obtained 2 Midwestern Tree Climbing Championship titles, has taught me patience, respect, and hard work go hand in hand."

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