What We Do // Defying Gravity

since 2006
A Kansas City Tree Care Service

What We Do

Because we challenge gravity daily, our safety is at the pinnacle of the industry.

Structure & Growth

A good arborist will be talking in terms of future growth patterns. Having an eye for not only immediate hazards, but also those occurring in future years mitigated by a few cuts now, well that is our specialty.

Tree Removals

One of the most common tasks we undertake are removals. A job definitely left to professionals trained to exceed industry standards with a knowledge base in "High Angle Rigging" techniques and safety.

Light Infiltration | Vista Pruning

We will start with raising the canopy while giving thought to the angle of the sun. Most objectives are reached with a balance of raising, reduction, and clearing a path for the sun or view desired.

Cable & Brace

Viability and growth pattern determine our recommendation. Sometimes a trunk just needs a little back-up. Crown reduction techniques coupled with or in lieu of bracing help dictate overall sustainability of tree health.

(ISA) Certified Arborists

We are professional arborist who have trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees. Oh and did we mention our skill in"Advanced Tree Climbing" and rescue techniques.

Plant Health Care

The tree's value vs cost feasibility determine the action. Half the battle is recognition. Usually homeowners notice the signs late and theres almost always multiple factors afflicting a given species.

Direction & Reduction

Essentially trees grow in the direction of sunlight. Viability with room to grow, not interfering with structures, and structured weight reductions of no more than 1/3 leaf mass define our current methodology.

Major Property Damage

Proper finish cuts and strategy are critical. We are experienced in high angle crane work and ice storm repair. This is definitely a moment that makes or breaks whatever future your tree has left.

Stump Grinding

They can still sprout out for years. Replanting in the same hole is a no no. Chasing root flares, deep grinding, backfilling, and offset planting to name a few services. Maybe you just need a chemical to keep from sprouting.