Arborists // The Climbing Kind

since 2006
A Kansas City Tree Care Service

Trees are poems the earth writes to the sky

We Are (ISA) Certified Arborists

Certified Arborist # MW-4635-A

We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.

International Society of Arboriculture

Our Certified Arborist # MW-4635-A

We are professional arborist who have trained in the art and science of maintaining trees.

Our Certified Arborists guarantee quality finish cuts and superb control of our work environment.

The ISA Certified Arborist credential identifies us as professionals who have gained the technical competence with a minimum of three years' full-time experience working in the professional tree care industry and who have passed an extensive examination covering all facets of arboriculture.

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Tree Climbing Specialists

Our ability's will astonish you. Tree climbing is a passion for us. Its one thing to be an arborist and another to be a tree climber.

Its been our culture to work hard, do whats right even when your in a realm 50+ ft aloft, where few have traveled or will ever see. Perhaps with that mentality we can promise awesome decisions and quality finish cuts for your trees.

We prune to ANSI A300 standards. Every tree cared for like our own.

Advanced Safety and Rescue

Because we challenge gravity daily and carry an appreciation for fun, our work ethics and safety are at the pinnacle of the industry.

We come equipped with Personal Protective Equipment and follow OSHA standards to control our work environment.

Liability is huge in this industry. Not to many rescue personnel are able to access our locations. We rescue one another.

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